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Thursday word: sudoriferous

sudoriferous (soo-duh-RIF-er-uhs) - adj., secreting or conveying sweat; sweaty.

So, no, nothing to do with sudoku, unless solving difficult sudoku puzzles makes you sweat. The sudoriferous glands are the medical technical name for the sweat glands, but the usage isn't limited -- you can speak of the sudoriferous athletes coming off the field or the sudoriferous activity of sex. Though of course, this is likely to come across as using a $20 word for humorous effect, so be sure you know what you're doing. Adopted in 1597 from Late Latin sūdōrifer, from Latin sūdor, sweat (from the same PIE root that gives us sweat itself) + ferre, to bear/ + adjectival ending.

We spent the evening at a sweaty, steamy, dripping, sticky, sudoriferous cinema with broken air conditioning.

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