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Saturday Word: Berkutchi

ber·kut·chi [ˈbərˈkütˈkī]:
origin: [1-2 BC] Eurasian steppes, Western Mongolia, Kazakhstan

You know what's even cooler than training a falcon to hunt? Training an eagle~! These eagles are raised by their handlers and considered members of the family, important partners that bring income that supports entire communities. Hunting is done from high on mountains and in wether as cold as -40C (-40F), while during summer the birds are pampered and encouraged to fatten up.

Genghis Khan possessed 1,000 hunting birds including Golden Eagles. Female eagles are preferred as they are bigger, stronger, and better hunters than males; they are kept for ten years, then freed to brood, and ensure there will be more eagles (although they often will pay visits to their former handlers after being freed).

Berkutchi (or Berkutchy) = Eagle Hunting, specifically a Golden Eagle.

a rare female Berkutchi, read more about her here
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