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Monday words: parrots!

Following up on last Monday's post...

some parrots endemic to New Zealand:

  • The Kaka is a medium-sized brown parrot; its name is Maori, probably derived from 'ka' (to screech).

  • The Kakapo or 'owl parrot' is nocturnal and is the world's only flightless parrot.  It's name is Maori for 'night parrot'.

  • The Kakariki are species of New Zealand parakeets.  The name is Maori for 'little parrot'.

  • The Kea is a large parrot in the same genus as the kaka.  The name is Maori and is probably representative of its call.

some bonus parrot names:

  • The Budgerigar or 'budgie' is the most common pet parrot.  The exact origin of the name is unclear, but most explanations refer to "budgery" or a similar word meaning 'good', hence 'good cockatoo', 'good bird'...or possibly 'good food'.

  • The Rosella are colorful species of Australian parrots.  The name comes from early European settlers who first saw the bird near Rose Hill, New South Wales and called them 'Rosehillers', which eventually became 'Rosella'.

  • The Guaiabero is endemic to the Phillipines.  Its name comes from its fondness for guavas (fruit of the guayabo tree).

The origins of more common words such as 'parrot', 'parakeet', 'lorikeet', and 'macaw' are less clear.
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