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Tuesday Word: aglet

An aglet is the little thing on the end of a shoelace, typically made of metal or plastic, that keeps it from fraying and makes it easier to thread through the eyelets. The word comes from the French aiguillette, the diminutive of aiguille (needle).

Aglets are something you don't really think about or appreciate until they're gone, like the little old lady whom you see sitting on her porch every single day over years of commutes, until one day the porch is empty, possibly forever..except not, because as anyone who has ever attempted to lace a shoe with an aglet-less lace knows, the sudden loss of an aglet leads not to the bittersweet contemplation of the circle of life but the sort of impotent rage that strips you of all dignity and makes you wonder how on earth humans ever made it to the top of the food chain, when just trying to get a lowly piece of string through a hole can make us want to punch someone.
Tags: a, french, noun, wordsmith: ellesieg

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