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Saturday Word & Sunday Word: Cruciverbalist & Lacunae

cru·ci·ver·bal·ist [ˌkruːsɪˈvɜːbəlɪst]:
origin: (1975–80) Latin; cruci-, crux= cross + -alist = verbalist

A handy word not only for describing a person with a passion for creating or accomplishing crossword puzzles, but one that might also help you to win at Scrabble!


la·cu·nae [lə-ˈkü-niː] or la·cu·na [ləˈkjuːnə] (singular) :
origin: Latin; cruci-, crux= cross + -alist = verbalist

An empty space; missing gap; pit
wether speaking: literally, biologically, or philosophically

No cruciverbalist am I, unless crosswords with little more than lacunae count.
Tags: c, l, latin, noun, wordsmith: theidolhands

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