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Saturday Word: ♥

In honor of the first day of the shortest month...this entry is all about love. Don't feel left out or resentful on Valentine's Day, because there are so many types and forms of love to acknowledge that go beyond the obvious! Four of which are explored in The Four Loves by C.S. Lewis.

a·ga·pe [ä-gä′pā]:
origin: (1600's) Greek, ἀγάπη= love

altruistic love wishing only good will toward others; a mutual love shared between God and mankind; virtuous; charitable gestures.

adjective or adverb [ə-ˈgāp]
to drop one's mouth open in (or be in a state of) awe, shock, or wonder; open wide.

e·ros [ˈɛrɒs]:
origin: Latin; Erōs from Greek erōs= sexual love

1. The god of love, son of Aphrodite.
2. Uninhibited enjoyment of life including erotic fixation; sexual desire.

lu·dus [lūdus]:
origin: Latin; ludus/ludi= play, game, sport, training

affection used as a game; casual conquest; a "player"

ma·ni·a [ˈmeɪ ni ə] or [ˈmeɪn yə]:
origin: (1350–1400) Latin to Greek; manía= madness

obsession; excitement; hyperactivity; can be shared by many people over the same thing or by one individual for another. A kind of mad, passionate love; unstable and illogical, prone to feeling possessive or jealous. May also refer to the extended elevation of mood in bipolar disorder (followed or preceded by depression).

prag·ma [prägˈmä]:
origin: Greek; πρᾶγμα= “a thing done; a fact”

going into love with your head; rational and reserved; pragmatic; pursuing a relationship with mutual interests

storge [sˈtorgə]:
origin: Greek; πράγμα= love; affection

the kind of love that progressively builds based on shared experiences, similarities, and friendship; fondness; familiarity; familial love and the instinctive nature to take care of one's young.
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