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Tuesday Word: farrago

A farrago is a confused mixture; a hodgepodge. It could easily be applied to something pleasing, such as a delicious soup (a vegetable farrago) or beautiful landscape (a farrago of colors). However, "farrago" tends to have negative connotations and is mostly used in the sense of a mess or commotion, so don't feel too flattered if an acquaintance uses this somewhat obscure word to describe your latest essay, house party or attempt at organizing your craft supplies -- unless, of course, you have long accepted that you are unable to achieve coherency, calm or organization and the absolute best you can hope for is that the people around you will politely refrain from subjecting you to detailed criticisms of your many and seemingly inevitable failures.

Farrago comes from the Latin (surprise!) farrago, meaning mixed fodder (hay, oats and such) intended for consumption by cattle or other livestock.
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