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Saturday & Sunday Word: Oik & Anorak

oik or oick [ɔɪk]:
origin: (approx. 1930s) British slang, unknown origin

The British equivalent of "redneck"; uncouth; a lower-class, uneducated person viewed as inferior and/or unpleasant and ill-mannered.

an·o·rak [ˈænəˌræk]:
origin: (entered English 1920's) Kalaallisut: ánorâq, Inuit: annoraaq

1. A heavy jacket with a hood, originally worn by Eskimos (specifically: Greenland Inuit tribes) and developed into the more modern fashion of "parka" jackets.

2. The British equivalent of otaku; geek; socially inept individual; a person obsessed, and usually only expert, in obscure fields of knowledge (named after trainspotters who frequently wore the garment past fashionable popularity).

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