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Saturday Word: Donnybrook

donn·y·brook [ˈdɒnɪbrʊk]:
origin: (1852) Domhnach Broc = "The Church of Saint Broc"

This word is inspired by med_cat's word yesterday Taradiddle, except this one was a place in Ireland (now a suburb of Dublin).

Where, in the 12th century, a fair was held, which by the 18th century had devolved into a fifteen day extravaganza for boozy shenanigans. Visitors were warned that the people would sooner fight than eat! In 1855, Dublin Corporation bought up the rights and stopped the fair, but the reputation still holds to describe a brawl that fits any (likely all) of these adjectives: loud, crowded, public, chaotic, violent, and drunken.

See also: fights in sporting arenas

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