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Saturday Word: Ederacinism

E·de·ra·cin·ism [eɪ-dɑːˈrɛˈzɪnˈiz-əm):
origin: if you have an etymology for this word, pls do tell.

Here's a word to horrify everyone in the room. Think you're kinky? Well, probably not as kinky as a person who desperately craves to have their sexual organs ripped out by the root, which ederacinism is the practice and/or deep desire of.

On the other hand, one may very well fantasize doing this to someone who is causing them great annoyance -- and just think -- they might even enjoy it! Though historically, it's more likely to be associated with a person of great self-loathing or guilt. A society known as Skoptsy (скопцы; "castrated one"), an ascetic religious sect dissenting from Russian Orthodoxy in secrecy, willingly committed such acts, despite great persecution, in order to restore what they believed to be divine human form.
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