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Tuesday Word: destinate

I had another word in mind for this entry, but as I'm a sucker for ones with "doom" in the definition, here's destinate, meaning to DOOM (*thunder clap*) or assign a punishment. It has a nice passive-aggressive ring to it, given that, in a broader sense, to destinate is to determine the destiny of someone or something, with destinated being synonymous with destined.

"Can you believe that?!? I have the worst luck."
"You're destinated; I'll give you that." You had it coming.

You can destinate someone to death or destinate a skein of yarn to a particular knitting project. Not as appealingly sinister in the latter usage, but it does add a mock-heroic touch to descriptions of everyday activities -- that valiant yarn, submitting to its awful fate!
Tags: d, verb, wordsmith: ellesieg

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