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Tuesday Word: nod-crafty

To be nod-crafty is to nod in a way that implies understanding. If there is an archetypal nod-crafty, it's likely the haughty art gallery visitor, who stares at a painting while rubbing their chin and slowly nodding. Ahh, yes...that's probably a dog. People engage in this form of nodding when they're not really listening to someone but don't want to offend them by not responding at all and thus revealing their inattention, or while conducting an interview, when they want to encourage the interviewee to continue while silently conveying understanding, agreement or sympathy.

Don't want to be called on in class? Cornered by a lecture-happy relative? Quell the urge to hide behind something and get nod-crafty! Let the stammering of an unlucky peer and unwelcome fashion advice roll over you like waves on a distant shore. Nod solemnly at a stranger you pass on the street and delight in the possibility that your meaningless gesture may keep them up all night, shaking their fist at the ceiling and yelling "What does it mean?!?"
Tags: adjective, n, wordsmith: ellesieg

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