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Saturday & Sunday Word: Kunik & Thanksgivukkah

ku·nik (ˈkjuˌnɪk):
origin: Inuit, native peoples

An Inuit word, most commonly referred to as an "Eskimo kiss" or the act of rubbing noses together (a greeting and form of affection in their culture).

thanks·giv·uk·kah (ˈθæŋksˌgɪv-ʊˌkɑː):
origin: slang from Hebrew + English

A portmanteau acknowledging the first convergence of American Thanksgiving and Jewish Hanukkah since 1888. Based on the lunisolar nature of the Jewish calendar, it's not expected to happen again for another 70,000 years! Some are working on sweet potato latkes and stuffed brisket recipes as we speak.
see also "gobble-tov"

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