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Thursday word: galago

galago (guh-LEY-goh, guh-LAH-goh) - n., any of several small, nocturnal, arboreal, African primates with large ears and eyes, slender fingers and toes, and a bushy tail, also known as a bush-baby.

Where by large eyes, we mean LARGE EYES. They've got PEEPERS, man. They are also astounding jumpers, even among tree-dwellers. The alternate name may come from their appearance or from their cries at night. Galago itself is of uncertain origin, adopted into English from the Latin genus name, but a common guess is from Wolof golo, monkey. But that's nowhere near as important as how nice the word feels in the mouth, nor that they have LARGE EYES.

She froze at the cry outside their tent, but Connor only shook his head: "Just a galago -- you'll get used it."

Tags: g, latin, noun, wolof

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