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Monday word: dern

dern, adj.
1.  Hidden; concealed; secret.
2.  Solitary; sad.

Etymology:  Middle English dierne, secret.

As a noun, it can mean 'a secret', 'an obscure place', or 'obscurity'.
As a verb, it means 'to hide'.

I ran across this word in Johnson's Dictionary:  a Modern Selection, which I just picked up at a library book sale.
Currently, the word is only used in some UK dialects.  Does anyone reading this have any modern real-world examples?

"She cunningly stole away,
And derned herself behind the broom
To hear what her true love would say."
- from an Irish song called "The Broomfield Wager"
Tags: adjective, d, middle english, wordsmith: ersatz_read

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