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Saturday & Sunday Word: Ilunga & Arigata Meiwaku

i·lun·ga (ee-loon-gah):
origin: Congo

The state of a person who is ready to forgive a first abuse, tolerate a second one, but never forgive or tolerate a third offense.

a·ri·ga·ta mei·wa·ku (ah-ree-gah-tah may-wah-koo):
origin: Japan

1. "Unwelcome kindness" or "Misplaced kindness".
2. An act someone did for you that you didn't want and tried to avoid having them do, though they went ahead anyway, then things may have went wrong and caused trouble, yet social conventions required you to express gratitude in the end.

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Tags: adjective, congo, japanese, theme: untranslatable, verb, wordsmith: theidolhands

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