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Saturday & Sunday Word: Goya & Mångata

Go·ya (ˈgȯi(y)ə\):
origin: Spain (1828), from Francisco de Goya y Lucientes; a painter. Also: Pakistan.

1. deeper than "geranium red" with more yellow, bluer and deeper than "cherry red"
names: cadmium carmine, currant, English red, English vermilion, minium, oriental red, orient red, red currant, vermilion

2. [گویا] Urdu word; "As if" or to experience something like it's happening, such as in good storytelling.
Urdu is the national language of Pakistan, also an official language in five of the Indian states

mån·ga·ta (ˈmæːgɒtɒ):
origin: Sweden (1890); måne= “moon” +‎ gata= “street" or "road”

A glowing road created by the moon reflecting off water.

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