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Tuesday Word: elysium

An elysium is a paradise..FULL OF DEAD PEOPLE. Or just a paradise. I much prefer the figurative usage of the word. But to go back to the literal sense, Elysium, according to Greek mythology, seems like the choicest bit of the afterlife. Nothing but mortals related to gods. But as no one really wants to go to a party where all anyone can talk about are their famous relations, they started letting in really brave and really good people. That sounds a bit more lively. The brave ones can do tricks involving fire and liquor, and the good ones can assemble a first aid kit.

This post and its horrid sentence structure are inspired by the fact that I've been sick for a week and passed a day thinking that Delsym was spelled Delysium. I'm still going to pronounce it as if it were elysium with a D, however, as if you ask me, being abruptly knocked out, the last coherent thought in my mind going something like "Oh my God, I'm not coughing," is paradise enough. Well..at least until it's time to surface from my cough syrup-induced coma.
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