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Saturday & Sunday Word: Cenacle & Paraphilia

How's everyone's summer going? Are you back in school?

cen•a•cle [ˈsɛnəkəl]:
origin: (1375–1425) Old French cenacle= the room where "The Last Supper" took place.

1. A group or circle, especially of writers.
2. A small dining room, usually on an upper floor.
3. A religious retreat house (due to the origin of The Last Supper).


par·a·phil·i·a [ˌpærəˈfɪlɪə]:
origin: Greek, para [παρά] = beside + -philia [φιλία] = friendship, meaning love.

A nonpejorative designation for unusual sexual interests, describes the experience of intense sexual arousal to highly atypical objects, situations, or individuals; a list of as many as 547 types have been categorized by Anil Aggrawal in 2009.

Examples include:
·Hybristophilia - a person erotically attracted to a person who has committed an outrage or a gruesome crime (such as serial rapist & murderer Ted Bundy receiving hundreds of love letters from admiring women).

·Autassassinophilia - may overlap with hybristophilia, as a sexual attraction that risks the life of the pursuer, these persons desire an intense fear of their life being at risk to feel aroused.

·Necrophilia - an attraction to corpses.

·Paraphilic infantilism - arousal from being treated & dressed as an infant.

·Exhibitionism - though it can be limited to behaving in an exaggerated manner for public attention, is also classified as the compulsive exposure of genitals in public.
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