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Saturday & Sunday Word: Schlemiel & Schlemazel

schle•miel or shle•miel (ʃləˈmiːl):
origin: (1890–95) Yiddish; shlemil, Hebrew shəlumī'ēl= Shelumiel, a Biblical figure.

A foolish person who always seems to louse things up.

shli·ma·zel or schli·ma·zel (ʃlɪˈmɑ zəl):
origin: (1945–50) Yiddish; shlim= bad (Middle High German slimp= wrong) + mazl= luck

A person seemingly cursed with bad luck and/or poor timing.

Alternatively: The schlemiel always spills the soup and the schlemazel always gets spilled upon.
Tags: german, noun, s, slang, wordsmith: theidolhands, yiddish

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