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Friday word: Tantamount

tan·ta·mount adjective \ˈtan-tə-ˌmau̇nt\: equivalent in value, significance, or effect


His statement was tantamount to an admission of guilt.
They see any criticism of the President as tantamount to treason.

"...Life and I are not convivial,
Life is real, life is earnest, while I only think I am real, and know I am trivial.
In this imponderable world I lose no opportunity
To ponder on picayunity.
I would spend either a round amount or a flat amount
To know whether a puma is only tantamount to a catamount or paramount to a catamount,
It is honey in my cup,
When I read of a sprinter sprinting the hundred in ten seconds flat, to think:
Golly, suppose he stood up!
I guess I am not really reprehensible,
Just dispensable."
(Ogden Nash)

obsolete tantamount, noun, equivalent, from Anglo-French tant amunter to amount to as much

First Known Use: 1641
Tags: adjective, english, french, t, wordsmith: med_cat

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