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Saturday & Sunday Word: Busker & Coulrophobia

This is A Street Cat Named Bob, he is a British ginger cat and a "busker" by trade.

bus·ker (ˈbəs-kər):
origin: (1857) Italian buscare= to procure, gain; from Spanish buscar= to look for

British; A public performer (singing, dancing, acting, etc) who works on the streets for donations rather than any salary. Often seen in places like street corners or subways.

However, unlike Bob, they rarely make The New York Times bestseller list.

coul·ro·pho·bi·a (ˌkulrəˈfoʊbiə):
origin: (1980s) coulro- = Greek kolon= limb; with a sense of 'stilt-walker', hence 'clown' + -phobia= fear of, extreme aversion to

A fear of clowns.

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