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Shakespearean Imagination

God save you, neighbours!

It's Wednesday again, which means another installment of Shakespearean Imagination!

I am in the middle of a run of Twelfth Night, the first Shakespeare I have worked on in several years, and it has reminded me of how much I love seeing the Bard’s words played upon the stage! These plays truly were meant to be watched, not read, and it has renewed my intention to try to work on at least one Shakespearean production per year. In honor of that, I give you today’s word:

arouse : a•rouse /ˌəˈrouz / (verb) :

- Evoke or awaken (a feeling, emotion, or response).
- Excite or provoke (someone) to anger or strong emotions

Synonyms: rouse - wake - awake - awaken - excite - waken - provoke

First seen in Shakespeare's Henry VI, Part II (written 1590 - 1591). The full text of the play may be found here.
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