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Friday word: Arrhythmia

(Why yes, I took the BLS/ACLS recert class today, so, in honor of that:)

ar·rhyth·mia noun \ā-ˈrith-mē-ə\:  an alteration in rhythm of the heartbeat either in time or force.

(Dysrhythmia is actually a more precise term, as arrhythmia, strictly speaking, means absence of rhythm...)


New Latin, from Greek, lack of rhythm, from arrhythmos unrhythmical, from a- + rhythmos rhythm

First Known Use: circa 1860

There are many different kinds of arrhythmias, some benign and transient (palpitations caused by excitement, caffeine, or lack of sleep--these are usually PACs or PVCs), some serious, others lethal, such as V-tach or V-fib.


(normal sinus rhythm, shown here for comparison)

(a very distinct-looking arrhythmia, atrial flutter; note the sawtooth-shaped baseline)

(and a lethal arrhythmia, ventricular tachycardia)
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