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Saturday & Sunday Word: Kyoku-Do & Pother

In honor of America's recent July 4th celebration...

 photo Fireworks_zpsd4eb4448.png
a waterfront photo from San Francisco's celebration

kyo·ku·do (kiˈoʊˈkjuˈdəʊ):
origin: (ancient China) Japanese; 極度= extreme/utmost/ultimate; Do= trajectory/path/curvature

1. [きょく-ど] or "rising effect" in pyrotechnics; a type of firework piece that is attached to a shell (the main body), displaying additional light/sound effects upon the shell's trajectory.
2. Anything extreme (particularly traveling fast)
ex: the manga Naruto has a martial arts character named, Kyokudo Hikari.

po·ther (ˈpɒð ər):
origin: (1585–95) origin unknown

1. To make confused; trouble; worry.
2. A cloud of smoke or dust that chokes or smothers.

Nightcrawler from Uncanny X-men rather specializes in pother, doesn't he?
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