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Thursday word: calque

calque (KALK) - n., a term borrowed from another language by translating its constituent parts. v., to so borrow.

Also known as loan translation -- which term is autologous, being a calque of German Lehnübersetzung. The example everyone gives is English superman taken from German Übermensch, but we're not the only ones to do it -- and Wikipedia has a couple examples and a fuller list to prove it, including a list of languages that calqued translation (such as German Übersetzung) from Latin translatio, "to bring across". Calque itself is a borrowing from French, where it means copy, from calquer to trace, from Italian calcare, to trample, trace, from Latin, to trample.

Brainwashing is a calque of Mandarin xǐ nǎo.

Tags: c, french, latin, noun, verb

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