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Saturday & Sunday Word: Crepitus & Avoirdupois

The first word comes from a recent class I took on emergency rescue.

The second came from a friend, whose aware of my wordsmithing, and takes great joy in ferreting out and fetching back potential candidates from their own reading -- in this case a charming & inspiring book titled: The Prize Winner of Defiance, Ohio: How My Mother Raised 10 Kids on 25 Words or Less


crep·i·tus (ˈkrɛpɪtəs):
origin: (1815–25) Latin, crepo= to rattle

1. The sound (or sensation) of bone grinding against bone.
this may be heard when a bone is broken or in cases of severe arthritis (as the cartilage normally surrounding joints is systematically destroyed within the body)
2. A noisy discharge of gas from the anus.
also associated with gas gangrene

av·oir·du·pois (ˌæv ər dəˈpɔɪz):
origin: (15th Century) Middle English, avoir de pois= goods sold by weight; from Anglo-French, literally- "goods of weight"

Heaviness or (informally) bodily weight.
ex: "The stone was not one of the avoirdupois units in Medieval France."

Or perhaps you'd be curious to see your avoirdupois worth in gold?

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