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Friday word: Gossypiboma

Taking a break from the French words this week to bring you a medical term--ran across it in my reading and thought it was too interesting to pass up :)

Gossypiboma is the technical term used to describe a mass composed of cotton material, also called a retained surgical sponge (RSS) (Figure 1). It is derived from the Latin gossypium (cotton) and Swahili boma (place of concealment).[1] A surgical item is considered to be retained if an item not intended to remain is found to be in any part of the patient's body after the patient has been taken from the operating or procedure room and a new operation is required to remove the item.

Detection of a Gossypiboma
Necessity of a Good Surgical History

JoAnn Coleman, DNP, ACNP, Christopher L. Wolfgang, MD, PhD

Journal for Nurse Practitioners. 2013;9(5):277-282.

The article can be read on Medscape (free registration):
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