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Thursday word: veridical

veridical (vuh-RID-i-kuhl) - adj., truthful, veracious; not illusory, genuine.

This can be used in a general sense of being true, but also in specialized psychological senses, both that perception is generally assumed to be veridical unless otherwise shown to be illusory, but also of dreams and revelations, especially ones that deal with future events or apparently unknowable present realities. This last sense is moving more properly over into parapsychology, but the experience thereof is still dealt with under psychology. It also shows up in theological writings, but I have no revelation in that regard so I'm leaving it alone. The word was borrowed around 1650 from Latin vēridicus, from vērus, true + dicere, to say -- so, truth-speaking.

Few believe that all religious experiences are veridical.


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