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Tuesday Word: guetapens

A guetapens is a trap or ambush, as in "You'll need to set quite the guetapens if you want to keep me from away my computer screen tomorrow." Or maybe I'll feel even more sick than I do right now and end up sleeping through the first of the televised coverage of the bee, as I feared I had when I woke up today!

Guetapens was the winning word of 14-year-old San Diego, California resident Snigdha Nandipati, the champion of the 2012 Scripps National Spelling Bee. Only..25 minutes left until the start of the next national bee? I guess the counter on the bee's website was ticking down the seconds until the DAY of the bee, or really, the day of rounds two through four of the preliminaries, all along, as if it were more of a holiday than a highly structured event. I approve. Anyway, coverage begins at 8am EDT tomorrow on ESPN 3 and online. Check it out!
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