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Thursday word: compossible

compossible (kom-POS-ib-uhl) - adj., able to exist or happen together, potentially consistent or compatible with.

Applies to things, conditions, or statements/theorems. Its use as a philosophical concept is due to Leibniz. Many-worlds interpretation aside, alternate timelines are not compossible, but a possible timeline is a set of compossible peoeple and events. Not all potential solutions to a problem are, however, compossible (though it's not always easy to get executives to understand this). In use since the 1630s, borrowed from Medieval Latin compossibilis, from com-, together/with + possibilis, that may be done, from posse, to be able/have power.

Mansuetude is fully compossible with muliebrity, and don't let her tell you otherwise.

Tags: adjective, c, latin

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