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Saturday & Sunday Word: Hueristic & Epistemology

Do you know where a great source of interesting words exist?
The television show Star Trek: The Next Generation!

I say that because lately I've found myself re-watching the old episodes, a show that was my very favorite as a child, and while I did grasp the meaning then...I would indeed say that one gains fascinating perspective not only into deeper meanings of the show itself, but into oneself as well, when re-visiting a drama over such a span of time; a test of memory as well as personal character, not unlike re-reading a cherished novel.

Both of these words come from an episode titled, "The Offspring".


heu·ris·tic (hjʊəˈrɪstɪk):
origin: (1815–25) Latin heuristicus, Greek heur(ískein)= to discover

Ultimately, learning through trial and error; commonsense. In teaching- it refers to allowing a student to learn and explore a problem for themselves, rather than following a specific set of rules or instructions.

epis·te·mol·o·gy (hjʊəˈrɪstɪk):
origin: (1856) Greek epistēmē= knowledge, from epistanai= to understand

In short, this is the study of studying; that is: the methods, history, origin, validity, and limits to human knowledge -- How we as a species learn (innate & acquired).
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