Larry's Pretty Good Word of the Day (prettygoodword) wrote in 1word1day,
Larry's Pretty Good Word of the Day

Thursday word: prehension

prehension (pree-HEN-shuhn) - n., the act of grasping.

More often seen in another form: prehensile, as in a prehensile tail that can wrap around a branch or the elephant's load-bearing nose. Of course, human hands are also prehensile, however, we are also capable of another prehension -- in this sense, the correlate word is apprehension, which is a matter of the senses (mostly), while prehension is a matter of the understanding. A grasping with our minds. Borrowed in the physical sense in the early 16th century from Latin prehēnsiōn, a taking hold, from the past participle of prehendere, to seize, from pre-, a prefix acting as an intensivifer + hendere, to grasp. The mental metaphoric extension was introduced by philosopher Alfred North Whitehead.

His motor skills, especially prehension, are rapidly improving.


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