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Saturday & Sunday Word: Muliebral & Microchimerism

mu·li·ebral (ˌmjuːlɪˈɛbrɪtɪ):
origin: (1585–95) Latin muliēbritās = womanhood

1. womanly nature or qualities; of, characteristic of women; femininity
2. womanhood.

"The sheer muliebral warmth of her." — Richard Llewellyn


mi·cro·chi·mer·ism (ˈmī-krōˌkī-ˈmir-ˌi-zəm):
origin: Greek mīkrós= small + Latin chimaera, from Greek chimaira= she-goat

Two strands of DNA sharing one organ or body, one in small proportion to the other. Commonly found in bone marrow transfer, organ transplants, and most commonly from mother to child (and vice-a-versa).

That is to say that a tiny part of your mother's exact DNA is hardwired directly into your body and a tiny portion of her exact DNA (not only those inherited) float around in you. Though scientists are unsure why this is, others theorize it gives credence to the old wives tale of mothers instinctively knowing when their children are in danger.

The good (or bad) news being that a mother's bond is truly, medically, inseparable!


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