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Saturday & Sunday Word: Borrel & Spijkerpoepen

In honor of this weekend being the last Queen's Day, and the first King in over a century...I present two recently acquired Dutch words!

Bor·rel (ˈbȯr-ˈrɛl):
origin: a uniquely corrupted word -- from French "burel" (coarse) → Latin "burrus" (reddish) → Greek "purros" (bright red)

In the Netherlands, land of the Dutch, the word refers to an informal gathering of guests with alcoholic drinks; more strictly translated as "a bracer" or "nip" (specifically of gin). Modernly, it makes it an opportunity to hang-out, network, or catchup -- even if only soda pop is served.

English definition "A kind of light stuff, of silk and wool", though it's also defined: "coarse, woolen cloth" (presumably red in color, as explained in the origin above) or "ignorant, unlearned, unpolished; belonging to common people" (author: Chaucer).

So, the word has been reclaimed as a positive.
Then again, Dutch people are proud of their directness as well!


Spij·ker·poe·pen (ˈspīk-kûr-ˈpüpˈpen):
origin: The Netherlands & ancient drunken shenanigans, if I'm not mistaken.

Literally "nail pooping"; non-literally = a Dutch family game!

An entertaining activity that requires coordination and concentration. Standing backwards, the nail (or pencil) is tied to the rope, and the rope is attached to pants. The objective is to use nothing other than hip, waiste, and thigh movements to place the "nail" into a long-necked (beer) bottle. An excellent trick to attempt after a "borrel", I'm sure.

That's right, nothing like a bout of pooping nails to get everybody in a good mood.

See? Dutch: a language worth exploring!
Long live soon-to-be King Willem-Alexander!
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