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Belated Thursday word: belated

belated (bih-LAY-ted) - adj., coming or existing after the customary, useful, or expected time; late, delayed; (obs.) obsolete, old-fashioned, out-of-date.

With apologies for the belated word, but I had a family emergency that took up all my time and attention yesterday. This is the only surviving form of an obsolete transitive verb, belate, meaning to delay or cause to be late, formed from late plus an archaic verbalizing prefix for nouns and adjectives meaning "to cause (something) to be X," which also shows up in becalm and befriend. Seems like a useful structure myself, but we use be- in so many other ways (including as an adjectival intensifier) I can see how there's not much space for this meaning.

I had the belated realization that I'd forgotten to post a word.

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