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Tuesday Word: shoal

A shoal is an area of shallow water or a sand bar or sand bank. It can also mean a school, as in a school of fish, or a flock of birds, or a large group of people or inanimate objects, or an iceberg or ice floe, or shallow (in both a figurative and literal sense), or to become shallow, or to separate/divide, or to fall apart..you get the picture. Shoal has a lot of homonyms, some true, some not, and someday I will probably read it while sleep-deprived and utterly lose sight of its context and get so confused that I have to just give up and put the book down..or I will flash back to the image search results for shark shoal and, as I live about a mile from the ocean, be filled with a terror that manifests itself in anything from a sudden urge to build a loft bed or to relocate to Kansas, where a storm surge will never, ever send a hammerhead crashing through my sliding glass door.
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