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Friday word: Convocation

con·vo·ca·tion noun \ˌkän-və-ˈkā-shən\

1a : an assembly of persons convoked
  b (1) : an assembly of bishops and representative clergy of the Church of England (2) : a consultative assembly of clergy and lay delegates from one part of an Episcopal diocese; also :  a  territorial division of an Episcopal diocese
  c : a ceremonial assembly of members of a college or university

2: the act or process of convoking


They called for the immediate convocation of the council.

Etymology: Middle English, from Middle French & Latin; Middle French, from Latin convocation-, convocatio, from convocare (to call together):

from com- + vocare to call, from voc-, vox voice

First Known Use: 14th century

con·voke transitive verb \kən-ˈvōk\
: to call together to a meeting
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