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Shakespearean Imagination

Neighbours, what cheer?

It's Wednesday again, which means another installment of Shakespearean Imagination!

As I mentioned in a previous post, I have found myself in New England – specifically, southern New England – which is presently buried under two feet of snow, ice, uprooted trees and downed power lines. We were without power from 7pm Friday night until about 6am Monday morning, and over 5,000 people in our immediate area are still without power even now. Driving around on Sunday in the aftermath of the storm, everything in the landscape was frosted with ice and snow (which has now given way to iced slush!) And so, I give you today’s word:

caked : caked /kāk’d/ (verb) :

- (of a thick or sticky substance that hardens when dry) Cover and become encrusted on (the surface of an object).
- (of a thick or sticky substance) Dry or harden into a solid mass.

Synonyms: encrust - crust - rime - cover - enrobe

First seen in Shakespeare's Timon of Athens (written 1607 - 1608). The full text of the play may be found here.
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