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Sunday Word: Matutolypea

Ma·tu·to·ly·pe·a (mɑːtuːtəʊˈlaɪˈpiːæ):
origin: Matuta [Latin, Roman] = "Matuta Mater" (Goddess of the Dawn) & Lype [Greek] = "grief or sorrow"

1. Morning depression; sadness or irritation felt by some people when getting up.
2. The state of being in a bad mood and easily annoyed, especially in the morning.
common expression: "Getting up on the wrong side of the bed in the morning"

Example- The secret is not to talk until he's been awake for an hour, after the matutolypea subsides.

Today's word shamelessly borrowed from victoriousvocabulary, an amazing Tumblr account, focusing on unusual words & accompanied by unique art (warning: sometimes graphic).

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