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cadastral (kuh-DAS-truhl) - adj., (of a map or survey) showing or recording property boundaries, subdivision lines, and other details.

Which is to say, of or relating to a cadastre, or an official register of the quantity, value, and ownership of real estate. In some jurisdictions, these are important for determining tax assessments while in others the emphasis is on adjudicating property disputes. Here in the USA, there is a Cadastral Survey office within the Bureau of Land Management, responsible for maintaining a register of all public lands. This comes to us from French, borrowed in the late 1850s, from cadastre, which is from Provençal cadastro, from Italian catastro, from Late Greek katastikhon, register, from kata stikhon, line by line.

In the basement cabinets, I found a wealth of documentary material illuminating colonial land politics: cadastral registers and maps, surveys, technical reports, and correspondence between harried undersecretaries.


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