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Shakespearean Imagination

Good morrow, friends!

It's Wednesday again, which means another installment of Shakespearean Imagination!

Happy Samhain! As I mentioned in my last post, some traditions observe Samhain as the midpoint between the autumnal equinox and the winter solstice, and that midpoint is today! It marks the beginning of another turn of the Wheel, and I hope that the coming year brings all of you much joy and happiness.

Today also happens to be the day after the US Presidential elections. Regardless of your political affiliation, the post-election period (running up to inauguration) of any Presidential election can be said to mark the beginning of another cycle, as well. It is, in essence, a new:

dawn : dawn /dôn/ (noun)(verb) :

- the first appearance of light in the sky before sunrise
- the very beginning of something

- to begin to grow light
- to begin to appear or develop
- to become apparent (usually followed by “on” or “upon”)

Synonyms as a noun: daybreak - morning - morn - daylight – sunrise - start - opening - beginning

Synonyms as a verb: start - open - rise - develop - emerge - unfold - originate - lighten - enlighten

First seen in Shakespeare's Henry V (written 1598 - 1599). The full text of the play may be found here.
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