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prevaricate (pr-vr-kt), verb. 
1.  to turn aside from the truth in speech or act; to speak or act falsely with intent to deceive; lie
2.  to speak evasively; to stray from or evade the truth; equivocate

Etymology:  from Latin praevaricari, to walk crookedly, from prae beyond + varicare to straddle the legs

"That was forty," said O'Brien.  "You can see that the numbers on this dial run up to a hundred.  Will you please remember, throughout this conversation, that I have it in my power to inflict pain on you at any moment and to whatever degree I choose.  If you tell me any lies, or attempt to prevaricate in any way, or even fall below your usual level of intelligence you will cry out with pain, instantly.  Do you understand that?"
  - George Orwell, "1984
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