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concupiscent (kn-kyp-snt) adj.
1.  eagerly desirous
2.  lustful; sensual

Etymology:  mid-1400's, from Latin concupiscere, to long for or to covet.

"Allowed to operate outside the constraints of conscience and reason, concupiscent desires become tinder for sins like lust and gluttony.  Aquinas classified concupiscence as a form of love, but distinguished it from friendly affection in that the object of concupiscence 'is loved, not that any good may come to it, but that it may be possessed.'"
  - "Twilight and Philosophy:  Vampires, Vegetarians, and the Pursuit of Immortality"; Housel and Visnewski, eds.
(Apparently there's a whole series of "philosophy and popular culture" books:  X-Men and Philosophy, House and Philosophy, The Simpsons and Philosophy....)

"By 'gnoseological concupiscence', Rahner writes, "I mean the fact that in human awareness there is a pluralism between the various branches of knowledge such that we can never achieve a full or comprehensive view of them all together, and that they can never be integrated into a unified system by humans in a way which makes them fully controllable or comprehensible to them."
  - "The Trinitarian Axiom of Karl Rahner", Dennis W. Jowers.

(gnoseology:  the philosophy of knowledge and the human faculties for learning.)
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