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pule (pyool), verb.  To whine, whimper, cry plaintively or weakly.
Samuel Johnson's Dictionary of the English Language uses the definition "to cry like a chicken".

Etymology:  1500s, from French piauler, to cheep or chirp, relating to a bird's cry; possibly imitative.

"It becometh not such a gallant to whine and pule.  If thou wilt be brave, be brave indeed, singly and thoroughly..."  - Isaac Barrow

Thoul't have to tell th' adventurous fate
Of that Manchegan noble knight,
Whose brain, by poring long and late
O'er idle books, was muddled quite.
Fair ladies, arms, and cavaliers
Set all his senses on their ears;
A puling lover in the guise
Of an Orlando Furiouso,
By strength of arm he won the prize -
Fair Dulcinea of Toboso.
 - from Don Quixote, by Miguel de Cervantes

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