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Shakespearean Imagination

Welcome, neighbours!

It's Wednesday again, which means another installment of Shakespearean Imagination!

I have been trying to tie my choice of words back to current events or some interesting tidbit, but the truth is, I just like this word. The fact that I’ve sat through three Board meetings in as many weeks, watching certain behaviours, is entirely beside the point. Without further ado, today’s word is:

obsequiously : ob•se•qui•ous•ly /əbˈsēkwēəsˈlē / (adverb) :

-Obedient or attentive to an excessive of servile degree.

Synonyms servile - subservient - slavish - menial - fawning

First seen in Shakespeare's Richard III (written 1592 - 1593). The full text of the play may be found here.
Tags: adverb, english, o, shakespeare, theme: shakespeare, wordsmith: uniquepov

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