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intervolve, verb.  To wind or involve one within another; to twist or coil together.

Etymology:  Coined by John Milton.  Milton is credited with inventing many new words, including debauchery, padlock, and love-lorn.  This particular word did not seem to catch on in general conversation, however it is still in use in modern times, as the name of a software company and as the name of an NGO;
I don't know if those groups got the idea from Milton, or if they re-invented the word in an attempt to convey a sense of graceful collaboration.

That day, as other solemn days, they spent
In song and dance about the sacred hill;
Mystical dance, which yonder starry sphere
Of planets, and of fix'd, in all her wheels
Resembles nearest, mazes intricate,
Eccentric, intervolv'd, yet regular
Then most when most irregular they seem;

 - John Milton, Paradise Lost, Book V
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