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Shakespearean Imagination

Welcome, neighbours!

It's Wednesday again, which means another installment of Shakespearean Imagination!

The 2012 Summer Olympic Games have ended with a hand-off to Rio de Janeiro, and so the Olympic fever will die down for a couple of years, until the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia. In honor of all the competitors, regardless of medal counts, today’s word is:

champion : cham•pi•on/ˈCHampēən/ (noun)(verb) :

- A person who has defeated or surpassed all rivals in a competition, esp. in sports.
- Someone who supports or defends a cause or person.

-Support the cause of; defend.

Synonym as a noun: champ - advocate - supporter - fighter
Synonym as a verb: defend - advocate - uphold - protect - assert

First seen in Shakespeare's Macbeth (written 1605-1606). The full text of the play may be found here.
Tags: c, english, noun, shakespeare, theme: shakespeare, verb, wordsmith: uniquepov

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