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There are a lot of things in life that are easy to take for granted, or moments when someone discovers something that is so obvious you wonder why it wasn't focused on before, compounded perhaps with revelations that were always waiting to be appreciated in full -- this recent addition to the language may be just one of those epiphanies...

Bi·o·pho·ny (baɪˈɒfənɪ):
origin: coined by Dr. Bernie Krause, combining the words "biology" and "symphony"

A word describing a niche of soundscape (an acoustic environment), specifically animals. It is one of three components including geophony (non-biological natural sound) and anthrophony (manmade noises) of "soundscape ecology".
Dr. Krause uses it as a tool to judge the health & evolution of an environment by tracking more subtle nuances than can be seen.

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