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eelpout (EEL-powt) - n., any of various bottom-dwelling cold-water marine fishes of the family Zoarcidae, having an elongated body and a large head.

Also another name for the burbot, a holarctic cod-like freshwater fish, and the obsolete name for a yellow flower of uncertain identity. But mostly, it's the fish that looks something like an eel with a stout head and torso stuck on it. Interestingly, some species are viviparous -- they gestate the eggs in a special pouch and only release the sprats once they've hatched. The name dates back to Old English, when it was ǣlepūte, where the eel part is as you expect but the pout is not the usual modern word, but rather another with the same sound, a Germanic root related to modern Dutch puit, frog. Which gives you an idea of what these things look like. But really, the most important thing here is that it's just so fun to say. Eelpout!

For the second remove, Chef presented us with turbot and eelpout poached in a shimmery concoction of cream and spicies.

---L, eelpout!
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